Take a Look at Our Journey

Cabinet Making and Joinery is a Gold Coast based business, with up to 15 years experience in various areas of the industry, we aim to continue striving in learning, gaining knowledge, understanding techniques, and becoming a professional in the real sense. While we started as a novice in the furniture industry, we broadened our horizons by trying our hands in different fields, including property maintenance, thereby gaining specialisation in cabinet making simultaneously.

When you choose us, you can be assured of having the best kitchen installation done for you no matter whether it is your cabinet or other kitchen furniture set. In addition, you can also opt for us if you want designer household furniture installed to give your house an enhanced look and feel.

Our Team

When the types of products developed vary in range, having specialised hands to handle the respective requirements becomes a necessity. While the journey at Cabinet Making and Furniture began with the initiative to introduce quality custom made furniture into the household, it made sense to extend the reach, offering various specialised services. The workforce here is efficient and it makes sure to develop the most perfect products for you to use.

Our Approach

With us, you definitely get professionals who are active and strict when it comes to maintaining their professionalism. However, they understand that they will only be able to know about your specific requirements if you share the same with them without any hesitation. To make you feel comfortable, they become a little lenient and take a friendly initiative. This helps you, the clients, to specify your special requirements properly. Keeping a friendly yet professional approach lets them be proper in developing and installing the products, thereby offering you what you expect without making you compromise on any of your specifications. Whether it is the installation of custom entertainment units or the development of walk in robe cabinetry, our experts will provide you with the ideal results with respect to all your demands.

Why Choose Us?

We understand customers’ preference.

We explore your requirements.

We offer suggestion wherever felt necessary.

We are the most recommended brand in and across Gold Coast.

We offer unique and more creative designs

We have a skilled and trained workforce.

If you want to try our services, we’re just a call away.